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Monday, May 27, 2019 Webaction News 487
Messines: We sell all our produce at our boutique du Sommet at 261 route 105 Messines . We sell all our jellies, syrups, mustards, etc, our wild boar, and all our production of essential oil. The hours are monday to saturday 9h00 to 5h00. We sell our wild boar at Mini-Marché Rock Lafrenière , 73 rue Principale, Messines and other products in essential oil Gracefield: We sell at Boucherie O'Max, 85 rue St-Joseph, Gracefield our jellies, syrups, mustards, ginger delight and all the cuts of meats (bacon, bone-in and bone-in chops, sausages, surloin, etc). Lac Ste-Marie: We sell our wild boar at Marché Ami at Lac-Ste-Marie. Thank you for encouraging us.
Wednesday, May 29, 2019 Soutien Tech Webaction News 610
We are a producer of softwood essential oil (balsam fir, Fraser fir, white spruce, black spruce, white pine, red pine and jack pine, Scots pine, cedar, larch and juniper). We also produce real yellow birch, goldenrod, the traveling comptonie. All our essential oils are in a size of 15 [...]
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